James Adams, 2604 Highway 25 S., $1,000, turning carport into metal shed.

Store Master Funding XV LLC, 1214 Bypass 72 NE., demolition.

Darlene Brown, 105 Bintage Road, demolition of structure.

William Lewis, 126 Sanders Road, demolition of mobile home.

Lander RWS Properties LLC, 413 Montague Ave., demolition of structure.

Mary Hill, 407 Maxwell Ave., demolition of structure.

Johnny and Esther Rhode, 211 Gary Court, add handicap bedroom/bath ramp.

John and Joy Williams, 115 Pinehaven Drive, Ninety Six, $18,360, solar panels.

Keith Meshlovitz, 318 Willard Road, $2,950, replace windows.

Mortgage and Real Estate Associates, 1042 Phoenix St., $3,500, tear off/reroof.

Robert and Melissa Dills, 202 Lakeview Drive, $5,500, interior renovations.

Gary Kelso, 505 North St., $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Willie Harrison, 209 Jacob St., $1,500, tear off/reroof.

Mark and Michelle Stevenson, 114 Reedy Cove Lane, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Lee and Lillian Williams, 113 Capers Lane, $2,500, tear off/reroof.

Martha Dukes, 1607 McCormick Highway, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Diane Sackmann, 119 Devon Court, $3,000, remove wall and install beam.

Virginia Middleton, 906 Magnolia Drive, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Preston and Carrie Garner, 207 Blyth Ave., $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Fred Pinson, 620 Puckett Ferry Road, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Sheldon Dove, 102 Cateechee Ave., Ninety Six, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Andrea King, 133 Roman Circle, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Darrel and Gaynell Montgomery, 129 Roman Circle, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Donald Lee Napier, 1708 Five Notch Road, Bradley, $5,111, replace windows.

Valeria and Valeria Jordan Spain, 106 Posey St., $25,000, repair fire damage.

Richard and Emily Bopp, 609 Highland Park Drive, $16,000, roof repair from tree damage.

John and Sue Babb, 116 Charles St., $4,800, replace kitchen cabinets.