RWG & CPG Investments, 521 Bypass 72 NW, $12,000, framing wall.

Northside Baptist Church, 409 Northside Drive, $51,000, minor interior renovations.

SKF Limited Partnership, 204 Montague Ave., $6,500, repair roof.

Brian and Steven Willner, 519 Phoenix St., $42,000, reroof.

Kennemore Realty LLC, 715 Ninety Six Highway, $2,500, 12x30 utility building.

Wynette Leake, 20 First St., demolition of structure.

Walter Caldwell, 1217 Watts Bridge Road, Ninety Six, land disturbance.

David Spears Alexander, 205 Hillcrest Farm Road, decal only.

Jerry and Vicki Burnett, 116 Beach Drive, Ninety Six, decal only.

Ulises Palacios, 442 Old Ninety Six Highway, $43,680, 28x52 mobile home.

Daryl and Wanda Yarbrough, 106 Ryders Cup, add attached garage/carport.

Walter Caldwell, 1217 Watts Bridge Road, Ninety Six, new construction.

Thomas and Shirley Booth, 406 Lowell Ave., $4,500, replace subfloor in kitchen and bathroom.

Douglas Young, 812 Sweetwater Road, $3,600, tear off/reroof.

Long Climb Properties LLC, 106 Hospital St., $1,100, roofing.

James and Janna Weeks, 5202 Callison Highway, Troy, $15,000, 22x36 metal garage.

James and Lisa Robinson, 108 Sand Trap Lane, $8,350, reroof.

William and Rita Stark, 320 Driftwood Drive, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Warren and Dorothy Moore, 116 Fairway Court, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Tricia and William McCrea, 502 Fairway Lakes Road, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

William and Cheryl Baer, 223 Laurel Ave. W., $4,000, tear off/reroof.

Murray and Elaine Goode, 419 Cedar Grove Road, Bradley, $35,700, add front porch/vinyl/boxing.

RWG & CPG Investments, 521 Bypass 72 NW, $2,200.