Greenwood Holding Co, 2612 Highway 25 S., demolition of home.

Duke Power Company LLC, 531 Bond Ave., demo two small structures.

Robert Haynie, 105 Summer Place, Ninety Six, removing trees and brush.

Tom Hahlen, 427 Olde Puckett Ferry Road, inground pool 18x37.

Forrest Crowe, 613 Grumling Road, Hodges, $45,240, mobile home.

Rhonda Huntley, 634 Cobb Road, Lot 18, decal only, mobile home 12x57.

Glynnis and Benjamin Scurry, 104 Overbrook Road, inground pool 18x37.

Carlos and Elizabeth Orama, 310 Vines Road, Ninety Six, inground pool 15x29.

Carolyn Young, 122 Cambridge St., Ninety Six, inground pool 17x33.

Steven and Samantha Ngo, 1370 Scotts Ferry Road, Ninety Six, $15,878, metal building 30x50.

Terry and Sandra Wise, 951 Sunset Drive, $2,184, replace windows.

Gladys Butler, 4510 Cokesbury Road, $2,764, replace windows.

Nancy Goode, 524 Valley Brook Road, $1,250, roofing.

Adam Schlomer and Kenneth Skinner, 219 Rock Knoll Drive, $2,500, reroof.

Elaine Turner, 213 Rock Knoll Drive, $1,500, reroof.

Linda Edwards, 120 Leyland Court, $3,000, reroof.

Gregory Potts, 720 Laurel Ave., $4,000, reroof.

Leslie Smith, 1122 North Lake Drive, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Robert and Mary Jackson, 104 Divot Trail, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Ronnie and Lila Bentley, 104 Diane Court, $4,712, solar panels on front rooftop.