LB Greenwood Associates LLC, 2552 Highway 25S., $165,000, reroof.

Michael and Billie Havey, 103 Waterford Drive, Ninety Six, add deck 4x50.

John Garrett, 3301 Scotts Ferry Road, Troy, $27,720, mobile home 14x66.

Austin Leopard, 201 Swallow Road, Ninety Six, $25,200, mobile home 14x60.

Annette Melo, 405 Foundry Road, $20,160, mobile home 14x48.

Greenwood County, 1552 Highway 72-221, move to Laurens County.

Keith Fisher, 1012 Saddle Hill Road, inground pool.

William and Rhonda Crenshaw, 110 LaPort Drive, inground pool 18x36.

Darlene Brown, 110 Milford Pines Drive, $26,000, sunroom addition 12x16.

David and Sandra Hjalmer, 159 Highland Drive, $20,000, new construction, carport, shed.

James Pruitt, 304 Draper Ave., $4,000, metal carport 20x25.

William and Diane Oliver, 2427 Main St., $2,000, deck 13x21.

Forrest Moon, 219 Wisewood Circle, $45,000, new construction.

Debra and Wayne Judd, 1804 Kateway, $1050, replace rotten wood.

Shonna and Toby Lee, 110 Spinnaker point, $40,000, exterior paint, kitchen remodel.

Marion and Kimberly Miller, 203 Roswell Road, $5,000, tear off and reroof.

Elizabeth Carroll, 230 Ashcroft Drive, $2,500, tear off/reroof.

Lois and Steven Plaisted, 112 Pope St., $1,600, adding interior walls.

Joseph and Carolyn Fennell, 139 Highland Drive, $14,700, raise roof over carport.

Hugh Heldenbrand and Lela Lynn Lackey, 201 Gracemont Drive, $10,190, new windows.

Community Initiatives Inc., 203 Church Ave., $8,400, new windows.

Raymond and Mary Williams, 148 Kensington Drive, $4,816, rear and front solar roof panels.

Matthew Andrews, 109 Appian Way, $5,000, reroof.

Jame and Amanda Moss, 127 Folly Bend Drive, $8,000, reroof.

William and Cheryl Baer, 5101 Old Laurens Road, $2,600, remove siding/add vinyl siding.

Federal National Mortgage Association, 150 Amherst Drive, $19,000, reroof.

John Briggs, 1503 Sweetwater Road, $2,800, vinyl siding.

Jan and Patricia Sarver, 342 Compass Point, $12,000, reroof.

Keith Gary, 617 Grier, $2,000, repair fire damage sheetrock.