Jessica Rae Smith, 1018 Smith St., Ext., Donalds, $36,480, mobile home 16x76.

William Henry, 2711 County Line Road W., Bradley, $33,600, mobile home 28x40.

Lisa and Terry Latham, 131 Kingston Road, above ground pool.

Brian and Erin Whitaker, 1063 Frazier Road, Ninety Six, $200,000, private pool house.

Gwendolyn Darby, 112 Northwoods Road, $325,000, new construction.

Disaster Contractors Inc., 205 Milford Springs Road, $100,000, new construction residence.

Tony Langley, 115 Eagle Trace, $1,943, replace windows.

Kevin and Elizabeth Birch, 234 Grace Terrace, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Christine Frontera, 513 Colonial Drive, $140,000, tree damage - roof, drywall.

Thomas Smith, 140 Mitchum Drive, Ninety Six, $48,000, new doors, windows, interior renovations.

Tanisha Williams, 332 Vines Road, Ninety Six, $25,000, roof mounted solar panels.

Sandra and Charlie Yeldell, 103 Singletree Road, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Scott and Katherine Dublin, 305 Henrietta Ave., $2,500, tear off/reroof.

James Rucker, 146 Russell St., $2,500, tear off/reroof.

William Williams, 208 Penn Ave., $2,500, tear off/reroof.

Doris Tindell, 111 Ames St., $1,100, roofing.

Judy and Charles Prince, 112 Cypress Hollow, $5,400, reroof.

Elsie and Thomas Gonce, 246 Penn Ave., $500, repair roof.

Phoenix Corporation of Greenwood, $11,000.

South Main Street Baptist Church, 1000 Main St., $9,000.

South Main Street Baptist Church, 1000 Main St., $900.