Greenwood County SC/Greenwood City SC, 120 Main St., $4,999, tear down non-load bearing wall.

John Francis Roche (Trustee), 1617 Bypass 72 NE, $250,462, full remodel of existing restaurant.

Calhoun and Cathy Mays (life), 228 Dove Road, 12x18 extension to kitchen.

Jearim Luna, 204 Belle Pines Court, 24x36 storage unit.

Joseph Rogers, 736 Burnett Road, pole barn 24x48.

Christopher and Candi Macrae, 166 Derby Road, 40x40 pole barn.

Dewitt Smith III (trustee), 306 Compass Point, new single family residence.

Silas and Janna Weeks, 5202 Callison Highway, $26,500, 26 roof mount solar panels.

Stephen and Sherri Franklin, 5 Roxanna Drive, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

George H. Young Jr., 206 Tifton Drive W., $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Roger and Diane Williams, 217 Sylvan Road, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Samuel Mobley Jr., 206 Glendale Ave,$5,000, tear off/reroof.

John Gillion, 114 Rock House Road, $2,500, tear off/reroof.

H P and Elizabeth Moody, 702 Sidney Drive, $3,192, replace windows.

Ana and Russell Fitzgerald, 183 Highland Drive, $15,786, replace windows.

Watson L. Dorn Jr., 4018 Highway 25 S., $17,000, replace damaged sills and joists.

Susan Marie Abney, 6009 Highway 178 S., $8,897, reroof.

Andrea Battles, 112 Runnymeade Court, $6,051, replace windows.

James and Megan Gravely, 405 Saco Ave., $2,000, tear off/reroof.

David and Lynn Bannister, 1106 Morgan Road, Hodges, $36,750, install ground mount solar.

Brandon Bledsoe, 207 Andrews Chapel Road, Hodges, $32,914, solar installation ground mount.

Charles and Catherine Holliday, 712 Deadfall Road W., $4,500, replace deck and three windows.

James Werts, 3014 Golf Course Road, Ninety Six, $1,860, replacement door.