Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust, 508 Bypass 72 NW, $10,000, install AP gates on doors.

If you have an individual retirement account, do you recall filling out a beneficiary designation form? That’s the document that allows you to direct the IRA custodian to transfer your IRA to people you name in the form. The custodian is the institution that holds your IRA assets for you.

Greenwood County SC/Greenwood City SC, 120 Main St., $4,999, tear down non-load bearing wall.

Special Referee and McCollum, Amanda L. and McCollum, Amanda D. and Duckett, Amanda L. and McCollum, Laura and Mc Collum, Amanda L. and Mc Collum, Amanda D. and Mc Collum, Laura to Nantasket Investments LLC, Tract 1, Ridge Cove Sub — 2018-CP-24-01205 And 1999 Pioneer Manufactured Home, $20,001.

How do you do your taxes? Do you or your accountant use tax preparation software? Most people do. Only 10% of taxpayers don’t, according to the national taxpayer advocate’s recent report to Congress. The advocate heads the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Cain, Bibb Randall Trustee and Cain, Benson Trust and Benson Cain Trust to Cain, Bibb Randall, Unit 14-B, St. Kitts Sub. Ph. II, $75,000.

On a recent trip, I spent some time at the airport bookstore while waiting for my flight. Browsing through magazines at the newsstand, I could not help noticing how frequently the topic of retirement investing came up. It does not seem that long ago when investing was primarily an issue for …

Coronaca Volunteer Fire & Rescue, 1418 Highway 246 S., $34,000, renovate windows, steps, handrails.

Last month, we talked about new regulations that will impact your relationship with your financial adviser, whether he or she works for a broker-dealer, a registered investment advisory firm or a dually registered firm like UBS or Merrill Lynch.

Strom, Martha Burnett to Strom, James Grady Jr. and Burch, Claudia Strom and Ellis, Sharon Strom and Baggett, Sara Strom and Smith, Susan Strom, Lt. Pinetree Drive.

If you have a 401(k) at work, you are one of more than 100 million Americans covered by a defined contribution (DC) plan. Those assets, along with IRAs, make up 33 percent of all household financial assets in the U.S., according to the Investment Company Institute.

Vanderbilt Mortgage And Finance Inc. to Metts, Nathan C., Parcel County And 2017 CMH Mobile Home, $99,900.

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