For this week’s column, I am formulating music trivia questions pulled from the book “The Rock Snob Dictionary,” which has been in my personal library since receiving it as a gift back in the mid 2000s.

Authored by David Kamp and Steven Daly, the front cover of the book clarifies that a rock snob is “the sort of pop connoisseur for whom the actual enjoyment of music is but a side dish to the accumulation of arcane knowledge about it.”

There are no gimmes or mulligans. “The Rock Snob Dictionary” water runs deep. I will do my best to present to you questions that will at least give you some hope. As always, no wagering and good luck.

1. Who were the prime arbiters of the late ‘60s “sunshine pop” ethos, having scored a string of featherlight hits such as “Along Comes Mary,” “Cherish,” and “Windy?”

(A) The Mamas and the Papas

(B) The 5th Dimension

(C) The Turtles

(D) The Association

2. Name the Kangol-hatted, Jheri-curled hip-hop pioneer whose 1980 hit “The Breaks” was the first rap single to go gold?


(B) Kurtis Blow

(C) Melle Mel

(D) Grandmaster Flash

3. Which country music dynasty included founding members A.P on vocals, his wife, Sara, on vocals and autoharp, and A.P.’s brother’s wife, Maybelle, on vocals and guitar?

(A) The Carter Family

(B) Girls of the Golden West

(C) The Rodgers Family

(D) The Jimmie Rodgers Band

4. Name the French composer of the late 19th and early 20th century who felt a greater kinship with the Impressionist poets and painters of his day than with traditional classical composers?

(A) Maurice Ravel

(B) Franz Liszt

(C) Claude Debussy

(D) Richard Wagner

5. What is the brand name for a family of hollow-bodied, heavily ornamented resonator guitars developed in California in the ‘20s – long beloved by country, blues, and bluegrass players for their metallic, extra-twangy sound and gorgeous circular cover plates?”

(A) Lap Steel

(B) Flamenco

(C) Dobro

(D) Banjo

6. Which hilly Los Angeles neighborhood, located directly above Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, was once home to Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jim Morrison, The Byrds and many other influential musicians?

(A) Venice

(B) Echo Park

(C) Bel Air

(D) Laurel Canyon

7. Designed in England in 1962 to provide rock guitarists with dirty tone and devilish torque, what monstrous amplification system is built from numerous rows of squat amplifiers sitting atop four (black fronted) speaker cabinets?

(A) The Leslie Speaker

(B) The Marshall Stack

(C) The Fender Twin Reverb

(D) The Vox AC-15 Twin

8. Name the lean, bearded English blues guitarist of slightly pre-rock vintage (born in 1933) whose ‘60s “Bluesbreakers” band served as a finishing school for Britain’s future blues-rock and ‘70ss AOR elite (among them, Eric Clapton)?

(A) John Mayall

(B) Jimmy Page

(C) Jeff Beck

(D) Paul Butterfield

9. Which celebrated set of studio musicians was made up of four white Alabama boys (Barry Beckett, Jimmy Johnson, Roger Hawkins and David Hood) who were responsible for underpinning such soul classics as Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” and Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally?”

(A) The Wrecking Crew

(B) The Funk Brothers

(C) The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section

(D) The A Team

10. Name the primitive yet cherished drum machine introduced by Roland in 1980?

(A) The LM 1

(B) The TR 808

(C) The RX-11

(D) The DMX

11. Who was the temperamental singer-pianist of shiver-inducing intensity, known by her record company’s proclamation, as the “High Priestess of Soul?

(A) Aretha Franklin

(B) Etta James

(C) Mavis Staples

(D) Nina Simone

12. Name the undisputed prime movers of GLAM, presided over by Mac Bolan?

(A) T. Rex

(B) Sweet

(C) New York Dolls

(D) Roxy Music

Paul Crutcher is the broadcast specialist and XLR Radio general manager at Lander University. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at


Paul Crutcher is the broadcast specialist and XLR Radio general manager at Lander University. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @PaulCrutcher.