I am excited to say that I have a new alarm clock. What is so exciting about it, you may ask? My alarm clock doesn’t have an annoying tone, it doesn’t play music and it doesn’t have a snooze button. I don’t need a snooze button as my new morning eye-opening assistance machine wakes me up every morning and gets me ready for my day.

And the coolest thing is that my new alarm clock is not even a clock. Because of COVID-19 and the fact that my kids are remote learning from home, I can’t make my coffee in the morning in the kitchen unless I want my 13-year-old son’s virtual class to see me in my pajamas and looking at my worst when I first wake up. This has happened now twice without me even thinking about it, and the other day one of the kids in his class said, “David, tell your dad to get dressed.”

I walked up to the computer, picked up the webcam, and went off. “Look (peeked down to see the name of the kid) Zachary, I have not had my first cup of coffee yet, so lay off buddy.” I apparently interrupted his virtual class and the teacher was not happy about it. Yes, I embarrassed my son, disrupted the class in my Ralphie from A Christmas Story jammies, and borderline verbally assaulted a 13-year-old kid. Maybe it wasn’t my best moment, but as I told my son’s teacher, “He started it.”

This happened at 8:09 in the morning after a night of working until two o’clock in the morning. Something had to be done and there was only one solution. I made a decision to move my coffee maker to the bedroom. Why not? I mean, it makes sense. Sixty-four percent of all Americans start their day off with coffee, so why not have it close by. So, I went into action. I created a coffee station in the bedroom equipped with coffee maker, mugs, creamer, sweeteners and stirrers. I even classed it up with a tablecloth underneath and added the finishing touches of tea bags, hot cocoa and cider packets (all of which I will never use but it looks classy). I thought, now for the final touch. I added a filter, poured in the coffee grounds, and added water to the reservoir; programmed the coffee to start by itself. When the coffee is done, it will beep and I will wake up to the pure bliss of fresh, hot Starbucks Verona Roast.

I rarely have brilliant ideas, but this is one of them. When I woke up the next morning, the aroma was amazing and my coffee was ready right next to my bed. I sat up, poured my coffee, and within 45 seconds of waking up, I was propped up in my bed, coffee in hand, watching ESPN Sportscenter.

The three greatest creations and discoveries ever to happen to mornings are from God, pigs, and the brain of Mike Elis. For those playing at home, these would be the sunrise, bacon and my new bedroom barista station. I don’t know Benedict personally, but his egg dish for Sunday brunch gets honorable mention in fourth place.

Who knew that such a positive change can come out of such a trying time during this pandemic?

I have been working on house projects, lost 20 pounds, and now have made my mornings so much more pleasurable. I have spent some extra time with family; being in the entertainment business had me on the road for so much of my time.

Don’t complain about what we can’t change. Find where you can make adjustments within and work towards making the rest of 2020 a time to remember. We are so blessed to be alive, and I am so thankful for the positives in my life.

I plan to make the most of it. One cup of caffeinated splendor at a time. And yes, I would love cream and sugar with that.

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Mike Elis is a comic emcee and music and comedy promoter. He is the director of entertainment production and marketing for the Abbeville Opera House.