I am a math guy by nature. Being in entertainment promotions and ticket sales, I am constantly running numbers in my head.

I attended University of Georgia and although I was not a math major, I took an intern position teaching algebra to middle school kids. I seriously thought at one time that I wanted to be a teacher, but after one year of teaching and winning the “Best New Teacher of the Year” award, there was no doubt in my mind that I could never keep that level of enthusiasm year after year and I resigned. Raising two children confirmed my decision was correct.

Being left-brained and always the analyst is a blessing and a curse. I have always been great at math and science, but that sometimes puts me out as an over-thinker and exposes my fault of needing balance and rationale in a world that doesn’t always offer that in all matters.

Two weeks ago, I was driving near my home in North Carolina. In front of the local Burger King, their marquee sign simply read, “Now Hiring $10.50 per Hour.” Underneath these words, on the next line, read “Chicken Nuggets: Eight for one dollar.”

Now, to most people, that is it. Two pieces of information communicated and that’s it, right? Well, not to this left-brained, analyzing over-thinker.

Right away, my mind connected the two. By doing the math, I came up with the fact that the starting pay equates to 84 chicken nuggets per hour. I somewhat chuckled to myself as I am probably the only person who thought of putting these two statements into an intersecting relationship.

I wish I could say that I left it at that, but I didn’t. When I got home and surfed my Facebook page, one of the Abbeville Facebook pages had a posting from the local Burger King. I can say without a doubt that the Abbeville Burger King is probably the best one I have ever visited. The service is great, the food comes out hot and I am always greeted and thanked as a customer should be.

I decided to write this column after a discussion with their manager, Stephanie Porter. Stephanie always posts their specials and takes great pride in what they do. I explained the somewhat crazy takeaway from our local Burger King and then I decided to ask her, “And by the way, do employees get a discount while on shift?” Stephanie told me that employees get a 50% discount during their shift.

So, now my mind was exploding. This would mean that employees during shift, with taking advantage of their discount, actually could receive 168 chicken nuggets per hour while on shift. With Stephanie also sharing with me the information that the average employee works a five-hour shift, that would equate to 840 nuggets per shift. Not too shabby. Add to this 105 sauce packets (as each eight-piece order comes with one sauce packet) and this becomes a pretty lucrative deal if you are willing to trade the cash for stocking poultry product and dipping sauce.

I mean, a five-day shift could result in 4,200 chicken nuggets; and a yearly salary of 218,400 chicken nuggets and 27,250 sauce packets could be reason enough to cross the road and not fowl or foul up the interview process.

If you do decide to go that route for employment, you can wow the manager when he/she asks you, “Where do you see yourself in five years,” and you can answer in terms of chicken nuggets.

If they run out of chicken nuggets, not to worry, folks. Stephanie posted today that their fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are two for a dollar.

Oh no, here my mind goes again.

Mike Elis is a comic emcee and music and comedy promoter. He is the director of entertainment production and marketing for the Abbeville Opera House.