Question: Dr. Wilson, with so many presidential candidates in the news, we hear a lot about the Electoral College. I have heard that when I vote for a presidential candidate, I’m not really voting for him or her. Is that true? (Asked by a curious, concerned voter.)

Question: Why do many manufacturers insist on wrapping their products in plastic packaging that is so difficult to open? You often need scissors or some other cutting tool, and even then, it’s difficult. (Asked by a curious and frustrated consumer.)

Question: Where does the word “dibs” come from? For example, one might say, “I got dibs on that!” (Asked by a curious and faithful column reader.)

It’s the start of another curious season of the Curiosity Corner. This will be the 37th year — maybe I’ll make it through another one if I’m lucky. As my regular readers know, I kick off each season by airing some of my curious observations or pet peeves — some old and some new. Have a littl…

Question: A lot of people have pacemakers. What, exactly, do they do? (Asked by a curious reader with coronary concern.)

Question: If trees and shrubs don’t have any leaves after they shed them, how the heck do they have energy to regenerate without chlorophyll? They don’t store fat, or the equivalent, that they can draw on when needed, do they? (Asked by Bettie Rose Horne, of Greenwood)

Last week’s Corner was a trivia quiz on money, and you probably knew some of the answers. Let’s test your gray matter again this week, with a quiz that might take some guessing. See how close you can come to the populations of the following:

Question: I have a question regarding fireflies, or lightning bugs. Are the males the ones who light up or are those the females? Or do they both light up? (Asked by a nocturnal column reader.)

In one of my Curious Postscripts from a previous column, I had a quote by Ronald Reagan: “I wonder at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.” Since then, I’ve been doing some more reading, and discovered that Ronald Reagan had …

Before getting into this week’s Corner, I want to take the time to thank those that have a hand in getting them to you. I send each edition of Curiosity Corner to Lander University’s Office of University Relations and Publications, where Megan Price sees that they are distributed to the vari…

Question: We read a lot about domestic violence in the newspaper these days –with charges of first, second and third degrees. What are the differences in these degrees? (Asked by a concerned column reader.)

While cleaning out my files the other day, I ran across an old Curiosity Corner.

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