Danse de Noel to celebrate its 61st year

From left are Mary Laurel Patrick, Maddie Kingsbury, Scarlett Manley, Holland Harwood, Addy Orcutt, Elizabeth Reese, Caroline Holubek, Sarah Kennedy and Julia Maynard. Not pictured: Hayden Stone and Eiley Massinople.

Danse de Noel will present 11 young women at its annual Assembly Ball. The Danse de Noel Assembly will celebrate its 61st year as it presents 11 young women at the annual Assembly Ball on Dec. 27 at the James Medford Family Event Center at Piedmont Technical College.

Daughters of Assembly members are Holland Sophia Harwood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wyllys Harwood; Caroline Meredith Holubek, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Harry Holubek, Jr.; Sarah Elizabeth Kennedy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Logan Kennedy III; Scarlett Mabel Manley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Marvin Manley Jr.; Julia Jacqueline Maynard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bruce Maynard; Adeline Clen Orcutt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kilburn Orcutt Jr.; Elizabeth Cordell Reese, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robert Reese Jr. and Hayden Grace Stone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Wayne Stone.

A granddaughter of Assembly members to be presented is Sophia Eileen Massinople, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Charles Massinople. A grand niece of Assembly member to be presented is Mary Laurel Patrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Howard Patrick III.

A debutante to be presented as a guest of Danse de Noel Assembly is Madison Taylor Kingsbury, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale MacArthur Kingsbury.

Danse de Noel Assembly officers and board of directors are Mrs. Terry Lewis Masters, president; Mrs. Furman Coleman Self, vice president; Mrs. Lynne Bowie Elliott, secretary; Mrs. Jerry Luther Rentz, treasurer; Mrs. Sarah Cox Dickert, presentation chairman; Mrs. George Achilles Psomas, assistant presentation chairman; Mrs. William Gerald Stevens, constitution chairman; Mrs. Wilson Gressette Hunter, constitution committee; Mrs. William Brockman Watkins, constitution committee; Mrs. Robert Paul Pridmore and Mrs. Francis Joseph Coyle Jr., members at large; Mrs. Robert Burrow Davis, historian and Mrs. Walter Gerald Stevens, past president.