Past work from old sketchbooks and graphic art logos adorn promotional post cards for “Final Draft” the 2019 senior show by Lander University visual art majors at Lander University’s Fine Art Gallery.

“Final Draft” includes multiple pieces in different artistic mediums by seven visual art seniors at Lander University.

The show is on view through Dec. 18.

Fathima Nazim-Starnes, a Lander associate professor of art, said the show is curated through a jury process.

“All the art faculty gets together and look at our students’ best works, but seeing the show and pieces in person is just incredible,” Nazim-Starnes explained. “You see their process with other media besides your particular focus. It’s really exciting to see their work over the last four years.

“The students decide where things go in the gallery space and it’s really beautifully done,” Nazim-Starnes continued. “We’ve got graphic design, photography, ceramics, sculpture and more.”

Anna White, 23, a visual art major from Newberry, said ceramics can be unpredictable.

“The thing with ceramics is that you never know if they are going to succeed or fail,” White said. “You have to be at the mercy of the glazes and the kiln. Experimenting with pinch pots, I tried different under glazes. I carved through it. Then, tried photo transfers, which failed. As a last-ditch effort, I tried a Raku firing. It turned out crazy, but I like it.”

Likewise, Armir Goodwin, 26, of Columbia, said he revisited some of his ceramics to add a little more color to the pieces.

Goodwin, Outstanding Student Veteran of the year at Lander, who serves in the United States Air Force Reserves, said he knew majoring in art was for him.

“I’m not really big on math or English, but I’ve always been really big on art,” Goodwin said. “I love to draw.”

Amanda Smoak, 23, of Charleston, said graphic design is for her, a creative field with varied business opportunities.

“Some don’t understand graphic design,” Smoak said. “A friend saw my three framed plant pieces and thought that I drew them. I did not draw those. I did them on computer. There’s more to art than painting and drawing.”

Smoak said graphic design students’ portfolios are displayed in the gallery space on drafting tables and she has even incorporated a video loop that shows her work with animated logos that also utilize sound effects. Students have also created their own business cards, logo stickers and more.

Smoak did an independent study where she created digital animated logos for applications in social media and web design, Nazim-Starnes said.

“Each of our graphic designers are so different in the skills that they develop,” said Jim Slagle, a Lander associate professor of art. “From using photography to hand-lettering, it’s really kind of fun to see them make their own way. There’s someone who will graduate next semester who is interested in forensic art, which could be utilized in sketching for police departments or crime scenes.”

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