Billed as a master story-teller and humorist, comedian James Gregory, also known as "the funniest man in America" is performing at Greenwood Community Theatre Feb. 2. Tickets are selling fast.

A native of rural Georgia, comedian James Gregory has been entertaining audiences of all ages with his humorous observations about everyday life.

Gregory is performing from 7:30-9 p.m. Feb. 2 at Greenwood Community Theatre. All seats are $32. A cash bar and concessions will be available. For tickets, call 864-229-5704 or visit greenwoodcommunitytheatre.com.

Gregory has done his stand-up comedy in Greenwood before, and said he is looking forward to returning. Lucky for him, he doesn't have to fly to make the trip.

"Everybody knows I'm afraid to fly," Gregory said. "I've talked about my fear of flying for 30 years. In the recent movie 'Sully' the airline pilot is a hero for landing his plane in the Hudson River (to save the passengers and crew). Birds brought that plane down....The last time a bird hit my car, who do you think went down? I don't mind flying once a year, just to catch up on my drinking and my praying."

Gregory said he finds the funny in real things to which everyone can relate, ranging from "crazy kinfolks, to covered dish suppers and that one relative who talks back to the television."

"People will make comments after a show, saying things like, "You must have grown up in my neighborhood," Gregory said. "There are audiences who are familiar with some of my classic routines and others who've never seen me before."

Gregory said he has long-admired comedians such as Bob Newhart and Don Rickles.

Early on in his comedy career, Gregory said he decided to ditch bad language in favor of humor geared to a wide age range.

"I didn't want to have to change my act just because kids are in the room," Gregory said.

With four decades in comedy, Gregory said he "got a late start" in the field, working in sales for 10 years before starting in stand-up. He credits a comedy club boom in the early 1980s, in cities big and small, and open mic nights for amateurs helping him get off the ground.

"I'm not an all-day, every day, disciplined writer," Gregory said. "I don't deliberately look for something to write about. I just kind of keep my eyes and ears open. There's enough going on in the world today that there's comedy out there."

In addition to gigs in Greenwood, Gregory is also performing for two shows at Centre Stage in Greenville on Feb. 24 and for two shows at Newberry Opera House on Feb. 25. Learn more at funniestman.com.