Wright participates in Bonnie Cabbage program

Nadia Wright displays her Bonnie Cabbage.

Nadia Wright, a student of Rebecca Day’s at Springfield Elementary, participated in the Bonnie Cabbage program.

Springfield Elementary gave the students a cabbage plant when they picked up their assignments. Nadia loves to try new things and that includes planting. The possibility of receiving a scholarship was her motivation. She wanted her cabbage to grow but also was a little fearful of the insects eating it.

Nadia learned this from a tomato plant she had.

Her mom and her decided to put it in a kiddie pool. Nadia and her dad put holes in the bottom of the pool and filled it up with soil. It was placed in direct sunlight and Nadia watered it during the morning time. Nadia’s biggest fear was that it was going to stop growing. We are just grateful that by the time the leaves started outgrowing the pool that the head of cabbage had gotten firm. Nadia’s papa, who grows vegetables himself, told her what to look for and when it would be ready. She said the cabbage felt like it was 100 lbs.

Nadia is the only daughter of Ryan and Natasha “Shay” Wright of Greenwood.

Submitted by Charlene Calhoun