Leading the annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Willington was the McCormick High School Band playing “We Shall Overcome!”

The chilly weather did not deter them or the Rev. James Kinsler, who marched with other community members from the Little Mill Baptist Church to the Mims Community Center.

There, Rev. Kinsler, minister of the Lutheran Church by the Lake, delivered an inspirational address.

He shared his personal experience as a child and from his southern ministry, but additionally he showed clips from significant movies: “Hidden Figures,” “Glory,” and his personal favorite, “Places in the Heart.”

He acknowledged the journey has been painful, the sacrifices real, but that we have a choice this day to go forward together. His message was well received. Dorothy Rivers, president of the Mims Community Center, acknowledged her emotional response to Rev. Kinsler’s address and thanked him for encouraging everyone to continue to make history one frame, one step at a time, moving forward in McCormick County.

Submitted by Paula