WCTEL holds 67th annual member meeting

From left are Jane Stone, WCTEL Board Secretary; Jeff Wilson, WCTEL CEO; Wes McAllister, WCTEL Board President; and Paul Agnew, WCTEL Attorney.

The West Carolina Board of Directors held its annual member meeting at the Long Cane AME Community Development Center in Abbeville Aug. 19.

Board president, Wes McAllister, called the meeting to order by greeting the members present at the meeting. The invocation was performed by Reverend Julius Johnson, from Long Cane AME Church followed by the pledge of allegiance led by WCTEL Board Member, Robert Hester. WCTEL’s Attorney, Paul Agnew, verified that there was a quorum present. WCTEL Board Secretary, Jane Stone, read the notice of the annual meeting and the proof of mailing. McAllister introduced honored guests and board members. Then, Agnew unveiled the outcome of the election. Incumbent board members Lee Logan and Mike Thomas were re-elected to represent Due West and Iva respectively. New Member to the Board, Darren Lewis, was elected by majority vote to represent Abbeville. McAllister thanked Billy Bauman for his years of service on the Board.

Wes McAllister began the President’s Report with a review of all the events and pieces that WCTEL has developed for our customer’s education. McAllister gave a financial overview stating that WCTEL’s assets grew in 2019, while liabilities stayed consistent during that same time period.

WCTEL’s CEO, Jeff Wilson, followed with the CEO’s report starting with the recognition of loyal employees, interns, board members, and recent retirees. Wilson informed the members of the cooperative’s new partnership with the City of Newberry, the opening of the new Greenwood Office, and the acquisition of Etron Solutions. Finally, Wilson touched on WCTEL’s furthering of Business Development solutions, Customer surveys to improve customer satisfaction, the initiation of the McCormick and Calhoun Falls fiber projects, and the continued economic development through WCTEL’s partnership with the Freshwater Coast Community Foundation.

McAllister closed the meeting with a time for questions; and after hearing none, the meeting was adjourned. WCTEL would like to thank each and every member who makes up our cooperative and especially those who were able to attend the meeting.

The West Carolina Tel family of companies, including WCTEL and WCFIBER, combine a tradition of service with the best technology available. Friendly, community-minded employees are committed to building a fiber network that is ready for whatever the future of technology may hold. The fiber optic network provides wireline and wireless voice, data, video, security, and hosted business services in a four-county area in South Carolina and to neighboring Greenwood, Newberry and Columbia County, Georgia. To find out more about West Carolina Tel, visit www.wctel.com.

Submitted by Virginia Smith