WCTEL contributes to the McCormick County Backpack Ministry

From left are Backpack Ministry board member; Arthur Banks, Backpack Ministry board member; Tag Bussey, WCTEL board member; Vivian Jennings, Backpack Ministry board member; Roseanne Selby, Backpack Ministry board member; Ray DeShano, Backpack Ministry board member; Bill West, Backpack Ministry board member; Wes McAllister, WCTEL board President; Rev. Tim Jones, Backpack Ministry board member; and Kathie Essex, Backpack Ministry Secretary.

Wes McAllister and Tag Bussey, board members of WCTEL, presented a check for $750 to the board members of the Backpack Ministry of McCormick County. The donation will help provide 100+ children with child friendly, nutritious food for the weekend.

Backpack Ministry Secretary, Kathie Essex said, “We would just like to convey our sincerest thanks to WCTEL. We appreciate all of your support.”

The McCormick County Backpack Ministry was incorporated in 2015 as a nonprofit organization with a 501c tax-exempt status. We have no paid employees, only volunteers from various organizations and churches that pick-up food, pack, load and deliver to the McCormick schools. We have nine board members. We pick-up food from our local Food Lion and take it to the GLEAMS building in McCormick where it is stored and packed. Board members are responsible for making the program run smoothly and collecting donations that make this ministry possible. For information visit, McCormickBackpack.com.

West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc., a member-owned cooperative, was formed in 1952 to provide basic telephone services to the unserved areas of Abbeville and McCormick counties, and the Starr and Iva areas of Anderson County. Today the WCTEL family of companies provides wireline and wireless voice, data, video, security, and hosted business services over a fiber optic network in a four-county area in South Carolina. To find out more about West Carolina Tel, visit www.wctel.com.

Submitted by Jess Tollison