The Self Regional Healthcare Foundation’s Madame Curie Society had its annual fall recognition and education event Nov. 5 and more than 200 were in attendance. Attendees dined on cuisine provided by the Self Regional Healthcare Food and Nutrition team and were educated about the Emergency Department renovation that is set to take place in early 2020. The Emergency Department renovation is the final phase of the Foundations largest capital campaign ever: Our Vision Is 2020.

Laine Orcutt, chair of the Foundation Board of Trustees, welcomed attendees and said, “No other institution in our community touches more lives than Self Regional Healthcare and one of the reasons we have this premier health care system is because of our Madame Curie Society members and other individuals, businesses and foundations that contribute to the Foundation because they care about the future of health care in our community and region. Our Vision Is 2020 campaign is a living testament to how important and vital community support is to Self Regional Healthcare. Thus far, our campaign has generated more than $7.2 million in charitable support thanks to many of you in the room tonight. For that, I thank you.”

Hunter Bell, chair of the Foundation’s Special Gifts Committee, honored and thanked new and renewed members of the Madame Curie Society. “Tonight…we give tribute to those of you that have stepped up by joining or renewing your commitment to the Madame Curie Society. Since November 2016, when we restructured our beloved Society, we had 144 members. Today, we have 242 members. What’s more, these new ninety-eight Madame Curie Society members have contributed just over $3 million of the $7.2 million that the Our Vision Is 2020 campaign has generated thus far.”

Drs. Matt Logan and Greg Givens spoke about some of the processes that have already been implemented to improve patient care, and Sarah Robinson, architect with the firm of McMillan Pazdan Smith, presented plans for how the renovation will take place. The renovation project will address facility requirements necessary because the current emergency department, which opened in 1999, was designed to take care of approximately 35,000 patients a year. In 2019, the emergency department will see almost 60,000 patients.

Self Regional Healthcare president and CEO, Jim Pfeiffer, closed the evening with a very touching tribute to the heroes who work in the emergency department. “Tonight you have heard a lot of statistics and saw some very interesting slides previewing the emergency department renovation plan. There is no question that we are in dire need of renovation to our current emergency department. However, the heart of our emergency department is the people who work there. Yes they work in very challenging conditions. I could share story after story about some of the happy, sad, and even tragic circumstances our team members deal with day in and day out. What I can tell you is that these professionals are compassionate and caring beyond words. I want to extend my sincerest thanks to every person that works in our emergency department. These heroes deliver compassionate care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year whether it’s a simple act of kindness or a dramatic clinical intervention, they remind us why we come to work every day and they bind us to Our mission.”

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Submitted by Elyse Bowers