Self Regional Healthcare donates to free medical clinic

From left are Dr. David Isenhower, Dr. Matthew Logan, Donna Trapp, Rosemary Bell, and Ron Millender. Isenhower, Logan, and Millender represent the SRH Board of Trustees Community Health Committee.

Self Regional Healthcare is a critical partner for the Greater Greenwood United Ministry Free Medical Clinic.

Their support of the clinic since its inception has helped provide primary health care for anyone in our community who cannot afford health insurance and does not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.

With this support, the GGUM Free Medical Clinic has also been able to expand services to McCormick and Saluda counties through their Greenwood location and expand services to McCormick County through a monthly mobile health clinic through their “Health Express” mobile unit.

We thank you Self Regional!

Submitted by Rosemary Bell

Submitted by Rosemary Bell