The savory smell of Louisiana cooking wafted through the air at the Due West Fire Station Saturday, Oct. 3.

Folks who arrived in the first 40 minutes of the fundraiser, including this reporter, enjoyed some fine Louisiana jambalaya. The rest were out of luck.

According to Dr. Charles Angel of Due West, President of Due West Robotics, the high school kids raised nearly $2,500 for futue science projects.

Due West Robotics is a nonprofit organization with the goal of inspiring kids to develop S.T.E.M. (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics.) skills. They compete successfully across the state with some amazing robotic creations.

“The teams meet year-round and cover all age groups,” says Dr. Angel. “We have kids on our teams from Due West, Donalds, Abbeville, Honea Path, Anderson, and Greenwood. We’ve had kids attend our summer workshops from Greenville and Lexington.”

To learn more about Due West Robotics, visit its Facebook page @DueWestRobotics.

Submitted by Deborah Tucker