Members of the Mathews Lions Club have continued to serve the Greenwood Community in a number of ways, even though there have been changes and new restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus.

Members have continued to collect non perishable food and make deliveries to the Food Bank of Greenwood.

Since the club has not been holding meetings in person,collection has required planning and various ways of coordinating pick up from the members.

Club members have also packed food bags at The Salvation Army, although members have to work fewer in numbers and separated by space.

The number of recipients have varied and the number of bags prepared have increased, sometimes over a thousand. The members serving at the Sunday Soup Kitchen at the Immanuel Lutheran Church have been limited in number due to the work space.

Meals that have been prepared have been handed out at the door to the recipients, rather than served and eaten within the facility.

Again, the number of those being served have continued to grow each week. Finally, the collection of glasses and hearing aids at the Greenwood Public Library has picked back up, since the library has reopened.

Service may be a little more difficult to perform, but members have seen more opportunities during this time and have resolved to continue to live up to our slogan, “We Serve”.

Submitted by David Dority