Local vet speaks at high school

These Ware Shoals High School students are ready to join up after hearing retired Marine Lt. Col. Steve Watkins’ Veterans Day speech. From left, front row, are KiKi Williams, Rachel-Beth Nix, Melanie Batac and Jasper Thompson. Top row: David Walker, Ethan Garver, Lt. Col. Steve Watkins, Blythe Harris and Eli Burton.

When the grizzled old Marine speaks, everyone listens.

Retired Marine Lt. Col. Steve Watkins of Honea Path spoke to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group at Ware Shoals High School. Watkins spoke to the young people about their inheritance and their challenges ahead.

“We are blessed to live in a free country,” said Watkins. “The future of the country now rests in your hands.”

Watkins challenged the group to take charge of their future and aim high.

“Even though Ware Shoals is a small town, the world has unlimited possibilities for you,” he said. “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Watkins enjoys speaking to young people throughout the area.

“It’s important that young people understand that they need to be good citizens and active in our republic,” said Watkins. “Also, there is a world of opportunities out there even if you are from a small town.”

Submitted by Deborah Tucker