Greenwood County Library ESL student becomes US Citizen


Vanda De Oliveira, now Vanda Weeks, passed the U.S. Immigration and Customs Services Citizenship exam and interview to become a citizen. She took the Oath of Citizenship on Oct. 31 and was awarded her certificate.

Vanda, who is originally from Brazil and whose first language is Portuguese, has been a student in the library’s Adult Literacy/ESL program for about a year and a half. She has been studying with her volunteer ESL tutor, Judy Pratt, to prepare for the citizenship exam, as well as to improve her overall English language usage. Vanda lives in Greenwood and makes her home with her husband, Russ Weeks. She is also the third student from the library’s Literacy/ESL program to have passed the exam and become a citizen this year.

For information on learning to speak English, improving your English language usage, or studying for your US Citizenship Exam, the Greenwood County Library’s ESL program can help. Call Pattie Fender at 864-941-3044 or email: Classes or one-on-one tutoring available.

Submitted by Pattie Fender

Submitted by Pattie Fender