GMFCU members make donation to Healthy Learners

Healthy Learners began in 1992 out of concern for the children in Richland County who were falling through the cracks of our health care system and were going without needed medical services. Founded by Providence Hospitals and in collaboration with concerned community leaders and representatives from the public school system, Health Reach was created to address this need. In the year 2000, Health Reach was renamed Healthy Learners. The purpose of Healthy Learners is, and always has been, to meet the health needs of children and youth who would otherwise not receive adequate access to health care services. Most of these children are from working families who are either uninsured or underinsured and do not have private pay capability. The funds are proceeds from the Credit Union’s “Skip a Loan Payment” program. Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union offers this program during the months of November, December and January, and with this program members can pay a fee of $30 to skip their next loan payment. CEO, Vickie Hastings explains, “This program helps our members and it provides resources that our Board uses to give back to the community. Hastings further explained, “It’s always a good feeling when you can be a part of helping families and children of Greenwood County.” Submitted by Samantha Byrd