On Nov. 22, Greenwood native and Emerald High School alumnus, Lyle Tennant graduated USAF Basic Military Training (BMT). Lyle was a four-year member of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC). As a member of the AFJROTC Lyle served on the drill team, color guard and sabre teams as well as being a flight commander. Lyle contributed many hours and showed is patriotism often by presenting the colors during football and basketball games for Emerald. Lyle was also a dedicated member of both wrestling and track teams. Lyle left for basic earlier this fall after taking the oath and enlisting in the USAF this past spring.

During his eight-week BMT, Lyle distinguished himself immediately by displaying outstanding bearing and drill ability. He was selected to serve as his BMT flights guidon, a position of honor that displays the flag of the flight attached to a pole. Upon graduation, Airman Tennant was given his promotion to Airman First Class (A1C). As part of the USAF program that recognizes individuals that complete AFJROTC to which they are rewarded with advanced rank and pay. A1C Tennant has just finished step one of a very bright and rewarding career in the USAF. Next, He will be headed to Sheppard AFB Texas to begin his training in his chosen career field. A1C Tennant, as the Congressman Herbert Advance Placement Award (CHAPA) winner of SC-952, was able to guarantee his career field of choice. He chose to pursue the 2A3 – Tactical Aircraft Maintenance career. These Tactical Aircraft Specialists, or Crew Chiefs, are responsible for ensuring every component of their assigned fighter, strike fighter or attack plane is maintained to the most exacting standards. These experts ensure they are ready to fly at a moment notice so pilot and aircraft can safely and effectively complete their assigned mission. Congratulations to A1C Tennant and his family.

Submitted by David