Countybank Foundation presents donation to Greenwood Abbeville Little League

From left are Greenwood Abbeville Little League President; Tyler Davis, IT Operations Manager for Countybank; and Wells Dunlap, Commercial Relationship Manager for Countybank.

Wells Dunlap, Commercial Relationship Manager for Countybank, recently presented a check for $500 to Troy Cole, Greenwood Abbeville Little League President, and Tyler Davis, who serves on the organization’s board as information officer and scheduling coordinator. The donation was given on behalf of the Countybank Foundation, which was established in 1971 and represents Countybank and Greenwood Capital.

Greenwood Abbeville Little League offers four divisions including tee ball, coach pitch, and player pitch with children ranging from four to 12 years old. “Our little league program is great at teaching kids the fundamentals of baseball, as well as helping them learn how to handle winning and losing,” said Davis, IT Operations Manager for Countybank.

This year’s Countybank Foundation donation will financially support the purchase of equipment needed for volunteers to maintain the baseball fields throughout the little league season. “Volunteers play an important role in Greenwood Abbeville Little League, serving as coaches and coordinating events and activities,” said Cole. “This includes assisting with improvements to the fields and facilities.”

“The Countybank Foundation is honored to support an organization that helps bring our community together,” said Dunlap. “We look forward to seeing Greenwood families continue to grow through organizations like Greenwood Abbeville Little League.”

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Submitted by J. Underwood

Submitted by Jamie Underwood