A star shines in Honea Path

Dellah Johnson, age 8, of Honea Path, plays Madeline in “Madeline’s Christmas — A Musical” in Greenwood.

Honea Path’s own Dellah Johnson is playing the lead in Greenwood Community Theatre’s presentation of “Madeline’s Christmas – A Musical.” The musical runs from Dec. 6-8 at the Greenwood Community Theatre, 110 Main St.

In the musical, it’s the night before Christmas and everyone is sick in bed. All except brave Madeline, who is up and about and feeling just fine.

When Madeline finds help from a magical merchant, the girls embark on a Christmas journey that will surely make them forget their sniffles and sneezes.

Dellah Johnson, age 8, is thrilled to play Madeline. She has been dancing since age 2 and singing since she could talk, but this is her first acting role.

“I like playing Madeline because she is brave and adventurous and she always tries new things,” Dellah said.

Dellah’s delighted parents, Daniel and Lindsay Johnson of Honea Path, and grandparents, Lyman and Carol Golden of Ware Shoals, can’t wait to see Dellah on stage.

“She puts her heart into everything she does,” said mom, Lindsay Johnson.

“It’s obvious when she’s singing or dancing for an audience that she’s one of those rare souls that doesn’t get nervous and doesn’t care what people might think of her. As long as she’s performing, she’s happy!”

For information, visit the Greenwood Community Theatre’s web page at emeraldtriangle.us/theatre/main-page.

Submitted by Deborah Tucker