TIME: 7:00 p.m.

LOCATION: City Council Chambers, Opera House. 100 Court Square.

AGENDA: Approval of the Minutes from the regular City Council Meeting held on Tuesday 11 2018 December. PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD. CITY JUDGES OATH OF OFFICE: Tombo Hite, City Attorney will administer the Oath of Office to William Mcneil, Chief Judge, Carolyn Brownlee, Associate Judge and Ed Strickland, Associate Judge for a two year term of office. PRESENTATION: Mary Chase Ford, Executive Director for the Abbeville Housing Authority will present City Council with the Housing Authority Annual Report. ORDINANCES: NO. 13-2018: Second Reading: An Ordinance Authorizing The Issuance Of A Bond Anticipation Note By The City Of Abbeville, South Carolina in Anticipation Of The Receipt Of The Proceeds Of A Sale Of Not Exceeding Three Million Seven Hundred Twenty-five Thousand Five Hundred Dollars (3,725,500) Principal Amount Combined Public Utility System Revenue Bond Of The City Of Abbeville. South Carolina. NO. 14-2018: Second Reading: An Ordinance Of The City Of Abbeville Relating To The Recovery Of Collection Costs As A Part Of Delinquent Debts Collected Pursuant To The Setoff Debt Collection Act. NO. 15-2018: Second Reading: An Ordinance Authorizing The Purchase Of A 1.27 Acre Lot Located At 316 Cambridge Street in The City Of Abbeville, South Carolina At A Price Not To Exceed $36,500. NO. 1-2019: First Reading: An Ordinance Of The City Of Abbeville. S.C. Establishing A Code Of Ethics For Public Officials And Staff That Provides A Clear Guideline For Expected Conduct. CITY MANAGER REPORTS: NO. 1-2019: Approval Requested: Request approval for the purchasing of the Police Chief’s new truck. NEW BUSINESS: Consideration of appointment to fill the four year term of office of Sandi Hood, Lilia Ray and Steve Davis on the Planning Commission which will be expiring on March 10, 2019. (Sandi. Lilia and Steve have stated they will serve again if reappointed by City Council.) Discussion of the City’s proposed Code of Conduct. OLD BUSINESS: Consideration of appointment to fill the three year term of office of Steve Maxwell on the Board Of Zoning Appeals. Steve resigned from this Board on Monday, November 5, 2018.(Please see enclosed resignation from Mr. Maxwell.) Consideration of appointment to fill the four year term of office of Roy Smith on the Historic Properties Protection Commission (HPPC). Roy recently verbally resigned from this Board. (See Enclosed Board List). EXECUTIVE SESSION: Discussion of the proposed contractual arrangements for the Civic Center, Discussion of the City’s position in adversarial situations.


TIME: 7:00 p.m.

LOCATION: 109 W. Augusta St., McCormick

AGENDA: Legislation: A. Ordinances — none. B. Resolutions — one: Resolution number 2019-01 2019 safety policy statement and management letter (Motion for mayor to sign, attest by clerk/treasurer). Proclamations — five: Mary G. Williams, Eva Brisco Griffin, Leroy Brisco, Sr., Sam W. Brisco and school choice week. New business: A. Annual donation consideration for relay for life (motion/approval of amount to be given for 2019) ($750 given in 2018). B. Filing of 2019 statements of economic interests (must be done by elected officials online (no exceptions) and due by noon, March 30, 2019). C. Employment/required forms for 2019 for information (to be returned to clerk/treasurer by February 1). D. Report on contracts (motion to receive as information).


TIME: 6:00 p.m.

LOCATION: 121 S. Cambridge St., Ninety Six

AGENDA: Approval of Minutes: December 11, 2018; Superintendent’s Report: 2019 School Board Recognition, Parenting Report, Approved fundraisers/one day field trips/professional meeting request (NSHS/EMS, Band Overnight Request, All Region Clinic, February 22 – 23, 2019, NSHS/EMS, Band Overnight Request, All State Clinic, March 15 – 17, 2019, NSHS, Percussion, Overnight Request, Super Regional, March 15 -17, 2019), FY18 Audit Results, Administrative Financial and Technology Requests, Salary Scale, SC State Ethics Commission Filing Deadline, SCSBA Legislative Advocacy Conference and Delegate Assembly Overview, Board Policies – Second Reading (JHCB – Released Time for Religious instruction, IHAE – Physical Education, CDF – Support Staff Hiring, GCF – Professional Staff Hiring, GBA – Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, Board) Policies – First Reading (GCE – Professional Staff Recruitment, JLDBB-R – Suicide prevention Intervention and Postvention, GCO-R – Evaluation of Administrative Staff, IKE – Promotion and Retention of Students Policy and Administrative Rule, IKF – Graduation Requirements, IKF-R – Graduation Requirements, GCEC – Posting and Advertising of Professional Vacancies, GCO – Evaluation of Administrative Staff); Personnel Recommendation; Financial Review; Executive Session (if needed); Action as necessary for items from Executive Session.



TIME: 3 p.m.

LOCATION: Emmett F. Brooks board room

AGENDA: No new business



TIME: 10 a.m.

LOCATION: CPW board room

AGENDA: NEW BUSINESS: Consideration of Teijin Meter & Regulator Station Design; Consideration of SCADA Support Agreement; Presentation of Quarterly Gas Update;Consideration of Forward Gas Purchase.

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