Don’t let Eeyore’s large stature fool you – he’s a big boy with a gentle soul, calm demeanor, and enduring devotion. He desires nothing more than to spend time with his humans, and if that means he gets to snuggle in a lap, even better. Eeyore is a 5-year-old black-and-copper mixed breed who’s won the heart of every single person he’s met so far. It is simply impossible not to love him and he gets along well with other dogs. This sweet boy has just been treated for heartworms, so he’s looking forward to finding a home where he can relax and spend the rest of his life being adored.

Mercury is a handsome fella with a big personality. He’s 6 months old, jet black, and a laugh a minute. If you’re looking for a chilled out kitty who will spend hours cuddled quietly in your lap, keep looking, because Mercury is loaded with energy, a desire to explore and play, and more charisma than you might usually find in 10 other cats put together. This little livewire gets along well with other cats. In fact, he loves having a playmate with whom he can wrestle. Come meet Mercury today. He might be just what you’ve been missing.

The adoption fees are generously sponsored by Debbie and Graham Smith for both featured pets through Nov. 23.