There’s no question why Pumbaa was given his name, for it fits him to a T. He’s a kindhearted goofball. Plus, he’s a lovely fawn color with big, prominent ears, so he even looks a bit like his namesake. But it’s his personality that will win you over. At around 20 months old, he’s loaded with energy, so he will need a yard in which to run or plenty of nice long walks or, even better, jogs. He loves spending time with people, but he’s capable of entertaining himself, as well, and best of all, he’s polite and never pushy. Pumbaa adores treats, but he takes any offerings very gently. Overall, he’s just a great dog, and he hopes you’ll feel the same. Terra is a truly fabulous feline, from her stunning black, orange, and white coat and big yellow eyes to her affectionate, gentle personality. There’s nothing about this cat not to like. She is about 2 years old, so still quite youthful but lacking the exuberance of kittenhood. And speaking of kittens, she has proven herself to be an exceptional mother as well — kind but firm. If you’ve been looking for a new furry friend for your home, Terra just might be what you’ve been hoping for.