See Spot run. See Spot jump. See Spot win your heart. Like the black and white pup in the classic children’s story, this sweet boy is sure to keep you on your toes. He’s just a little over a year old, so you know what that means – loads of energy. Spot truly enjoys the company of people, proving happiest when he can run, play, and swoop in for some snuggles. A handsome Dalmatian-Retriever mix, his coat is mostly white with a few splotches of black here and there, including across the right side of his face and his left ear. See Spot find his forever home with you. Simply put, Layla is one of the most beautiful cats you’re likely to see any time soon. She’s a big girl with a medium-long coat of dark gray hair and huge yellow-golden eyes that give you a glimpse into her kind, gentle heart. She loves to be held and will cuddle right into your chest, rubbing her face against you and offering little kisses, all while she’s purring up a storm. Layla is about 2 years old, so she’s well past the wild kitten phase of life, but she still enjoys having a few fun toys around. Come fall in love with Layla before someone else does.