Lincoln has only one wish: to be someone’s best friend for the rest of his days. When he gazes lovingly at you with those kind, light brown eyes, it’s obvious that he possesses a truly gentle soul. He isn’t particularly interested in spending his days running around, chasing tennis balls. Rather, he’d be much happier simply hanging out on the couch with you or joining you as you perform your daily tasks. Lincoln is a handsome 4-year-old white and tan mixed breed with a sweet disposition and a heart of gold. He seems to love everyone he meets, and he’s hoping very much to meet you soon. If you’re a lover of tabby cats, Lays is the one for you. This adorable 4-month-old feline could be the poster child for brown and black tabbies, as he truly is picture perfect. His markings are so symmetrical, they practically look painted on. And his light green eyes are nothing short of gorgeous. Lays is playful and loving, and he gets along very well with other cats. This handsome fella is not going to hang around long, so come claim him before someone else does.