Pets of the Week


Layla’s ever-present smile is just as big as her personality. She’s very in sync with people and their emotions, whether that means spending a fun, energetic day at the park or a lazy day on the couch. Layla is a medium-to-large-sized mixed breed with a lovely gray and white coat. She’s only about 2 ½ years old, so still quite young. She has an extremely expressive face and ears that stand tall and proud whenever she’s excited, which is basically ALL the time. Layla likes her two-legged companions better than the four-legged kind, however, as she seems to think she deserves all the loves. She is longing for her forever home. Won’t you let it be yours? Have you been seeking a feline friend who’s as smart as you are, with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore? Here she is: Adaline. This cat is irresistible, not only because of her playful, fun personality, but also because she is nothing short of gorgeous. She’s quite unique – a black and white tabby with lovely yellow-green eyes. She’s one of those cats that you simply must meet in order to fully appreciate. Come by today to meet this gorgeous 18-month-old kitty. You’re bound to be enthralled.