Pet of the Week


Harley is one of those dogs with whom it is simply impossible not to fall in love. Her soulful eyes and sweet face are a perfect reflection of her gentle and loving personality. Harley is a 4-year-old Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier mix with a chestnut coat that is accented with splashes of white. She is house trained and isn’t overly exuberant, making her an ideal family dog. She enjoys going on walks and rolling in the grass, but her favorite thing is spending as much time as she can with her humans. Harley is not a big fan of small dogs but thinks larger dogs are OK (as long as they don’t take up too much of her human’s attention). Come meet Harley and we promise she’ll win you over.

Are you looking for a feline companion who’s well past that exuberant kitten stage of life? If so, Stripe might be your guy. Not too old and not too young, Stripe is a handsome 5-year-old grey and black tabby with plenty of charm. He comes right to you when you call him near and will greet you with the warmest, most loving expression. Stripe has an independent streak and sometimes enjoys exploring on his own, but he would prefer to spend most of his time curled up in your lap. Stripe gets along with other cats but because he is FIV positive, he should only be housed with other FIV positive cats. Stripe is so happy and grateful for anything he receives. Make Stripe the happiest cat alive by giving him the greatest gift of all – a home.

The adoption fees are generously sponsored by Edgerley Pest Control for these featured pets through Saturday. For your and our employees’ safety, call 864-223-2498 to schedule an appointment for a visit to meet these and other available pets.