Dixie is definitely a Southern girl – she’s sugar and spice with a dash of good humor and a whole lot of heart. This 4-year-old Boxer mix greets everyone with the same sweet hospitality, giving them the opportunity to show her the love she deserves. When she’s in the mood, she likes to show off her playful side, but when it comes time to relax, she’s a natural. With her pretty brindle and white coat and big, dark brown eyes, she was simply made for the spotlight and will happily pose for the camera any time you want to show her off. Come fall in love with Dixie before someone else does. Taylor is a quiet, gentle soul with one desire: to be given the chance to sit in your lap and be petted and brushed for as long as possible. She’s endearingly bashful at first, but once she realizes you’re there to give her the attention she so desperately wants, she’ll start talking and displaying her sweet and loving disposition. Taylor is a truly wonderful kitty, about 18 months old, with a beautiful orange and white coat and expressive yellow-orange eyes. She needs you as much as you need her.