Pinky has so many exceptional qualities, it would take more than a paragraph to paint a proper picture of her. She’s smart, eager to please, and very people-oriented, meaning she loves to be with her humans, whether it’s playing with a favorite toy, learning a new trick, or hanging out in the pool. At about 18 months old, she has plenty of energy, which she’s happy to run off with either two-legged or four-legged friends. Pinky is as pretty as she is precious, a mostly white retriever mix with huge expressive ears and a grin a mile wide. Swing by and meet Pinky today. O’Malley is a gorgeous brown tabby with a fun, playful personality that any cat lover will immediately appreciate. She’s only 6 months old, so you can expect her kitten energy and curiosity to endure for quite some time to come, which is exactly why everyone loves her. She isn’t afraid to ask for attention when she wants it, happily accepting scratches and snuggles, but then being just as content to chase after a favorite toy. O’Malley is truly one fabulous feline, and she’s hoping your home will soon be her home as well. The adoption fees are generously sponsored by Debbie and Graham Smith for both featured pets through Nov. 30.