Don’t you wish your girlfriend was as cute as me? Don’t you wish your girlfriend was as fun as me? Girlfriend is a four-year-old Retriever mix with a sleek black and white coat and beautiful amber eyes. She enjoys long walks and late night cuddles and is seeking a loving family to call her own, preferably one where all members would enjoy spending plenty of time with her. Girlfriend likes the company of other dogs, but she can be choosy on who she’ll allow into her friend group. However, as long as she receives love from her human friends, she will be happy and content. If you’d prefer a calmer, more relaxed cat over a rambunctious kitten, then Samson is the cat for you. This distinguished gentleman is both handsome and well-mannered, but what he lacks is a home. With alluring green eyes, white socks, a bold tabby pattern and the cutest pink nose, Samson’s looks alone should be enough to win over someone’s heart. If that isn’t enough, then his personality will really do the trick. He’s very quiet and always asks politely for what he wants with a soft meow or gentle head nudge. He loves attention and happily purrs anytime you pet him. This gentle, courteous feline is waiting for you. The adoption fees are generously sponsored by the Ascend Cares Foundation for these featured pets through July 11.