Pets of the Week


King Lakers isn’t named after the popular basketball team – he was found stray wearing a worn out collar with a name tag that said “King” on one side and “Lakers” on the other. While we may never know what happened to his previous family, we know that this goofy pooch is grateful to receive some love again. King Lakers is a 1-year-old Pit Bull Terrier gentleman of the highest and funniest degree. He gets along with everyone –adults, children and dogs alike – and his silly, youthful energy is contagious. He is a big fan of toys and treats, but neither of those things could compare to how much of a fan of you he’ll be. Give King Lakers a second chance at a loving forever home. He’ll be forever grateful. At 2 years old our Morris is half shy, half lover-boy and 100% breathtaking, all in his own tender way. He was found abandoned at a veterinary clinic, so you would expect him to have some trust issues, but this sweet gentleman will hesitate only for a moment before showering you with affection and wanting to prove to you how gentle, intelligent and appreciative he truly is. Morris is FIV positive, which means that for the benefit of his health he should be an indoor only cat and he should only be around other FIV positive cats. See how much of a blessing owning a shelter cat can be, and don’t even bother to hold onto your heart — it will be his before you know it! The adoption fees are free for these featured pets through Saturday. Morris’ adoption fees have been generously sponsored by Craig and Louise Jackson permanently until he is adopted.