Pets of the Week


This Lemonade might not cool you off, but she’s sure to make you smile. That’s right. This precious pup’s name is Lemonade, and she’s just as sweet and irresistible as that refreshing drink we all know and love. She’s a one-year-old brindle and white Plott Hound mix with a wonderful disposition, seeming to accept everyone she meets with the same good grace and loving smile, and that includes dogs and cats as well as humans. There’s a good chance the one thing you’ve been missing in life is the perfect Lemonade. Jessie has a message for anyone looking for a new furry family member: she’s more than ready to be a morning playmate, an afternoon nap partner, or a nighttime snuggle buddy. She’s a gorgeous 2-year-old dilute tortoiseshell with a coat that’s the loveliest combination of light grays and creams, almost a blue sprinkled with yellow. Jessie truly is one beautiful feline. And her personality is equally attractive. She loves attention and will let you know quite quickly that she wants to be involved in whatever you are doing. Come meet Jessie today.