Pets of the Week


Layla’s smile is as wide as a country mile, and that reflects the size of her personality as well. She is a ball of delightful energy, and she’ll swoop in for all the attention she can get. She’s a two-year-old gray and white terrier mix with a very expressive face and ears that stand tall and proud whenever she’s happy or excited, which is basically all the time. Layla likes her two-legged companions better than the four-legged kind, however, as she seems to think she deserves all the loves. She just wants to be queen of the castle. And why shouldn’t she be? Are you seeking a feline friend who simply wants to be a cat, with no pretenses or airs and graces? Introducing Lulu. This 2-year-old black and butterscotch patched tabby is about as uncomplicated as they come. If you want to pick her up and bestow your love upon her, she accepts it easily and with contentment. But if you’re busy doing your own things, she’s just as happy to curl up in a favorite spot for a long nap or find some quiet way to entertain herself. Lulu is a truly beautiful lady with the most straightforward of needs: feed me, love me, let me be me.