Pets of the Week


Calling all Lion King fans. Meet Pumbaa, the kindhearted goofball. And with his lovely fawn color and big, prominent ears, he even looks a bit like his namesake. But it’s this pup’s personality that will win you over. At just under 2 years old, he’s loaded with energy, so he needs a yard in which to run or plenty of nice long walks. He loves spending time with people, but he’s capable of entertaining himself, as well, and best of all, he’s polite and never pushy. Pumbaa adores treats, but he takes any offerings very gently. Overall, he’s just a great dog. Don’t let Dipstick’s name fool you – he’s no dummy. In fact, he got his name because his black tail looks like it was dipped in oil. You’ll love this 4-year-old’s other markings as well. His white coat is adorned with a black heart on his back and the most adorable black spot on his nose that looks like it was painted on. He’s a loving, affectionate kitty who craves attention. He is FIV positive, but that’s no big deal. It basically just means he needs to stay inside, so he has less chance of getting any illnesses. But guess what? Inside is exactly where he likes to be.