Who can resist a face as sweet as Bash’s? With that adorable round face, puppy dog eyes, large floppy ears, and a happy-go-lucky personality, you can’t help but fall in love with him. He’s silly, loves to have fun, and he’s bound to put a smile on your face with his goofy antics. This sweet Pit Bull mix is just over 6 months old, and he’s quite the whirlwind pup. He has a ton of energy, which he enjoys wearing off my running around in the yard and playing with his other doggie friends. Bash would really love to have another four-legged brother or sister that he can play with and to curl up next to his owner after a long day of play. Won’t you welcome him into your home? Meet Nazar, a very handsome four-month-old tabby kitty who’s ready to steal your heart. He has a very unique look, with light brown fur that’s adorned with bold marbled tabby markings and gorgeous yellow-green eyes that beckon you to come over and spend time with him. He can be a bit bashful at first, but give him a few minutes of attention and he’ll open up to you, asking for more scratches and cuddles. He gives the sweetest Eskimo kisses and head butts that you can’t possibly resist. Please consider making Nazar the next member of your family. The adoption fees are generously sponsored by Mike and Jeanette Ellis for these featured pets through Saturday.