There’s something special about senior dogs. Their faces may be a little whiter than in their younger years, but their hearts are made of pure gold. Take Nana, for example. This 11-year-old Hound mix’s deep brown eyes radiate kindness and offer a glimpse into an experienced soul. Despite her age, she still has the energy of a young adult and loves to take walks and explore the great outdoors. Nana gets along with everyone--adults, children, and dogs alike. She’s a loving, gentle girl who’s hoping someone special is going to welcome her into their home for the rest of her life. Harry is patiently waiting for that special someone to give him a home of his own. This fancy feline is only 1-year-old, with striking yellow eyes and an all-black coat except for the white “ascot” he wears on his neck. He is quick to warm up to people and absolutely loves attention, and while he’s usually pretty quiet, he is not afraid to let you know when he hasn’t received his daily amount of cuddles. Harry was previously in a home that had a lot of other animals, so this time around he’d prefer a quieter setting where he can have most of the house to himself. The adoption fees are sponsored by the Ascend Cares Foundation for these featured pets through Saturday.