Senior dogs are the best. They’re past that hyper puppy stage, and they’ve settled into their own established personalities. That’s why everyone loves Beauty. She’s an 8-year-old black Labrador mix who knows exactly who she is, and she’s proud of it. Beauty is just as pretty as her name suggests, with a loving disposition that she displays to every human she meets. She wants to spend her time hanging out with her people, and since she’s housebroken, she’s truly hoping much of that time will be spent on the couch, napping or watching movies. She isn’t a big fan of other dogs, though, preferring to claim all attention for herself. Yin says it’s her goal in life to get everyone to realize that black cats are actually LUCKY. And once you meet her, you’ll see why, because if she ends up as your newest family member, you will truly be the lucky one. Not only is she extremely sweet, with a purr you can hear across the room, but she’s also very eye-catching, for she isn’t just a black cat, but a black TABBY. So, with her sleek coat and big golden-yellow eyes, Yin is a real looker. Come meet this fabulous 5-month-old feline today.