This super pup is about as fun-loving as they come, offering everyone he meets a big grin and a playful swish of the tail. He’s just a little more than 2 years old, so this handsome black-and-white Retriever mix still has plenty of energy to spare. He loves spending his time running around with a canine friend, especially if that buddy is as rough-and-tumble as he is himself. He’s always delighted to receive a new squeaker toy, which he’ll gladly share with his furry friends. The one thing he’s not too fond of is cats, which he sees as wonderful things to chase. Winston has a sweet, loving personality and is hoping to find a family who will embrace his high energy and provide him the training his sharp mind craves. Calling all cat lovers! Silvester is looking for his forever home. He’s a handsome 11-year-old tuxedo kitty who is always ready for a black-tie event, and his personality is sure to win anyone over. He is easygoing and calm, he likes to talk but is never intrusive, and he is perfectly happy to keep you company (as long as chin scratches are involved). Silvester is hoping to find a quiet environment that matches his laid back demeanor where he can spend the rest of his life being adored. Give this sweet boy the love he craves, and his satisfied purr will fill your ears and will warm your heart and home for years to come. The adoption fees are free for these featured pets through Saturday.