Nox is one of those dogs who’s always smiling. Perhaps because that’s just who he is. But it might also be because he knows he’s one lucky boy. He was a Hurricane Dorian evacuee, and he’s looking for a new forever home right here. Nox is a medium-size, 2-year-old, mixed breed with a sleek black coat highlighted with white on his chest and down his nose. But he’s more than just a pretty face. He’s also sweet and loving, happily accepting the company of both people and dogs. Oh, and he loves toys, and would be delighted to have his very own yard in which to run. Everyone who meets Yang has the same initial reaction: she’s simply irresistible. Not only is she a truly beautiful tabby, but she’s so playful and affectionate, you can’t help but smile. The moment she sees you, she starts purring in an effort to grab your attention. Then she swoops in for a snuggle, gazing up at you with her huge golden-yellow eyes. Yang is just 5 months old, so she has plenty of energy and will happily play with any toy around.