Pets of the Week


Eric’s sweet face is a perfect reflection of his personality. He radiates kindness, and his deep brown eyes are a window to a gentle and loving soul. He’s only a year old, so he’s looking forward to a long, happy life with his forever family. Eric is a black and white retriever mix, so he does have his playful side, but he is usually quite laid back and content to entertain himself with a ball or chew toy if you’re busy.CeCe is short for “cuddly cat,” which is very descriptive. This fabulous feline is 8 months old, sporting a gorgeous black and white coat and dazzling yellow-green eyes. But it’s her loving nature that will win you over. She simply craves attention, and if she isn’t getting all the hugs and cuddles she thinks she should be, she will come find you and tell you about it. CeCe is typically a rather calm kitty, but every once in a while, she likes to run around, chasing a favorite toy. One of her favorite pastimes is watching the world through a window, and she’d probably be delighted to be an indoor/outdoor cat.