Like the mythical bird rising from the ashes to fly again, this Phoenix overcame his rough beginning to blossom into a wonderful, sweet, and beautiful dog. At just over a year old, he’s a ball of delightful energy, so he’s hoping for a home where he can stretch his long legs, chasing a ball or perhaps a four-legged friend. This medium-size mixed breed is such a cutie, too, with his grey-brown coat, huge brown eyes, and adorably expressive ears. Phoenix is a very special pup who deserves a loving family. Won’t you let it be yours? Bondi wants to make it clear that black cats are actually lucky. You know why? Because if you adopt one into your family, your life is sure to immediately improve. Not only is Bondi beautiful, but she’s also as loving and silly as they come. She just turned 6 months old, so she’s still full of that kitten energy, meaning toys are her main thing. She happily accepts any and all attention, and when she gazes at you with her big, intelligent, yellow-green eyes, you’ll fall in love. Come meet this fabulous feline today.