Are you seeking a four-legged companion who will not only run and play but also cuddle and serenade you when the right song comes on? If so, Blanco is your perfect match. This unbelievably handsome one-year-old Siberian Husky mix has it all: a fun, playful personality, loads of energy, a gorgeous white coat, stunningly blue eyes, and a lovely voice to match. Blanco gets very excited when he hears music – especially cello music – and he simply can’t resist singing along. As is typical of his breed, he is quite intelligent and in need of plenty of exercise. Blanco wants to be YOUR new singing partner. Cosmo is simply irresistible. It’s true. It is impossible to meet this cat and not love him. He’s about 5 years old, so no longer a high-energy kitten; he’s much more interested in snuggles and lap time. He’s black and white with lovely green-yellow eyes. But it’s the coloring on his head that will really catch your eye – his face is all white, and over his ears and down the sides of his head, it’s black, making him look like he’s wearing a black wig. It’s really quite adorable. Come claim Cosmo before someone else does.